Driving, done the way you want to, where the journey is as enjoyable as the destination: discovering the most fantastic attractions along the way.

Co-founders AJ and Clare Durling love travelling around – to see friends and family, or to see the country – with their three children, a big dog, and a love of different and exciting attractions.  But they have found quickly that keeping kids cooped up in a car for long stretches doesn't make for a fun day!

Looking for great places to break the journey, but without having great knowledge of every attraction around, they didn't know how avoid the obvious service stations and found that there was no facility or website in the UK to help with this.

They started to write the website themselves. As with all of these things, they quickly found that everyone has their own, favourite place of interest – that you only learn about after the event! They decided to crowd-source the attractions database to allow people to list their own hidden gems for others to find, meaning that the database is maintained by the best editors in the world: other travellers!

Given the range of requirements for the wanderlusters out there, they include the usual kinds locations that are useful to many - McDonalds, Marriotts, etc - as well as the independent, personal recommendations that can make the difference between a good trip and a great one!

Service Features
  • Create journeys using the most extensive database and granular search-and-select service online.
  • Search by different kinds of locations (such as "tourist attractions" or even just "museums") or a set genre (such as "child-friendly" places)
  • Save your trips for future reference, give them the wow-factor with personalised YouTube backgrounds, and share them via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Search for stimulating, publically available roadtrips, and vote on them to allow other users to find inspiration from the most popular journeys.
  • Add your own hidden gems to our crowd-sourced database, and keep them up-to-date - all through the website.
  • Find other travellers to share your journey using the native CarShare facility.
  • Print your journey, with driving directions
  • For business users
    • Add your prospect- and customer-base to your own, personal RoadTrip Radar Database and reduce your travel costs while, at the same time, increasing your sales.
    • Our solution helps your travelling representatives plan smarter journeys - maximizing the amount of visits they make, while expending the least amount of travel effort and money. Our technology ensures that you create an efficient route that moves logically from account to account, taking the quickest routes that covers the least miles.
    • As well as this, when looking for hotels, restaurants and other business services required on the road, your team can choose locations that are on their route of travel so that they save time and fuel.
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Select from a range of places to visit on your journey

Find places to visitThere are loads of country-specific places to stop for you to choose from. You can visit a certain place, such as a Tourist Attraction, Theme Park, Natural Attraction and Wildlife, Castle, Bowling Alley, Cinema, World Heritage Site, Fishing, Golf Club, Football Ground, Racing Track, Sailing Club, Airport, Swimming Pool, Café, Coffee Shop, Shopping Centre, Baseball Ground, Camp site, Amusement Park, Hotel, Supermarket, Pub, Restaurant, Takeaway Food, Museum or Gallery, or Zoo. You might want to simply find specific kinds of places to stop, such as Child-Friendly locations, or places to stop with a dog.

Save your journey, and share it with friends

Save your journey and share it with friendsSave your RoadTrip details, including the stops along the way, for future use. You can make it look amazing with background YouTube videos and enhancements, and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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