Corporate Opportunities

The following corporate opportunities are available:

Get your business on the map

Get your business chain added to the database - with your own icons and backlinks.

Is your business part of a chain? You can arrange to have your locations added to the Radar database, to appear on the map with your own map icon. The information window will render with automatic backlinks to your site - priced per click.

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Does your business employ travelling representatives?

Here you can add your customers and prospects database to your own, private Radar database and reduce your travel costs while, at the same time, increasing your sales. Our solution helps your travelling representatives plan smarter journeys - maximizing the amount of visits they make, while expending the least amount of travel effort and money. Our technology ensures that you create an efficient route that moves logically from account to account, taking the quickest routes that covers the least miles. As well as this, when looking for hotels, restaurants and other business services required on the road, your team can choose locations that are on their route of travel so that they save time and fuel.

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